The top 5 hottest striptease movie scenes that will make you want to watch more!

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These hand-selected scenes got people talking, jaws dropping and heart’s pounding for good reason and are sure to make you want to re-watch the films they are from for good measure.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the 5 most smoking-hot striptease scenes to have hit the silver screen.

1. J Lo in Hustlers

best striptease scene

Superstar, singer and actress J Lo steals the show with her hot and steamy strip tease in the movie Hustlers.

The movie is based on a true story, telling the tale of a group of strippers who scam Bankers on Wall Street, but the electrifying scene where J LO takes to the pole like an absolute pro for a sexy dance which ends in the stage being covered in cash is well worth the watch.

Some Hollywood heavyweights even believe she should win an Oscar for her acting skills in the film.

Watch it here:

2. Demi Moore in Striptease

best strip scene in a movie

Prolific actress Demi Moore cemented herself as one of the hottest babes in Holly wood and “the only one who can make a fedora sexy” with her mind-blowing strip show in the film Striptease.

The black-comedy turns up the heat with incredible stripping scenes through out its entirety so you are really just spoilt for choice.

But when Moore takes the stage in a business suit and fedora hat, winding up and down that pole in black lingerie, well it is one for the memory banks for all.

Watch it here:

3. Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

The sexiest strip show in Magic Mike was by far Channing Tatum’s electrifying solo dance to Ginuwine – My pony – you know the one where he ends up in a red G-string, grinding over a lucky lady in the crowd.

 The movie depicts the caper of a young male- stripper finding himself and what he truly wants in life, but that aside, Channing’s amazing dancing and sexy floor grinding and moves simply takes the cake.

Watch it here:

4. Salma Hayek’s snake dance- From Dusk Till Dawn

Actress and beauty Salma Hayek’s electrifying snake dance in one of Tarintino’s most underrated films From Dusk Till Dawn is a must-watch that will leave you salivating for more.

Picture a Latino beauty and a giant snake writhing around her near-naked grinding exquisite body, until Hayak finally takes the snake off for a wet and slippery display, before pole dancing her way to an electric grand finale.

 From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) horror-action movie (with vampires!) written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Watch it here:

5. Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Heavily considered the raunchiest strip teases of all time, actress Jamie Lee Curtis sultry dance scene for Arnold Schwarzenegger in ‘True Lies’ is definitely one for the history books.

Baring her incredible body, Lee shows how it’s done, appearing shy and awkward in a little black dress then transforming into a confident-sexy women. She grinds her gorgeous body in an unforgettable skimpy black lingerie then uses the pole of a four poster bed to make her point to an ogling Schwarzenegger.

True Lies (1994) is an action slash comedy film by James Cameron.

Watch it here:

Written By Fran Witsenhuysen

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