10 of the best bucks party ideas that the lads will love!

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Follow this formula and you will never pass the buck when it’s your turn to be-in-charge of throwing a bucks party-

If you are reading this you are the chosen one and unquestionably the best man suited for the job.

You have been given one of the highest privileges and honours of friendship: being entrusted to organised and throw the groom-to-be one of the most important celebrations of his life – his bucks party.

Leave the stressing for someone else and forget about what happened in the film The Hangover – you have come to the right place.


We have hand-selected the top 10 ideas for throwing the best bucks party which will earn you the reputation of a thoughtful, fun and a perhaps even a little wild party host – you are sure to send the groom off in style no matter the party size or budget.

1. A good ol’ fashion pub crawl

This isn’t one of the most original ideas in the book but has made the cut for good reason, because well, who doesn’t love a good pub crawl with a bunch of top tier blokes?

It’s as simple as jumping onto Dr Google to find some local venues and see which have some sexy topless waitresses working to kick the afternoon/early evening off with a bang.

Then, choose another 3 to 4 venues in close-ish proximity, making sure to include the man of the night’s favourite bar/club/pub in there.


Finish the evening off by heading to a strip club in the area, choose one with the sexiest ladies and be sure to shout the groom at least one lap dance.

Or the party could stay in for the night by organising a private party at one of the lads pads– let Sweet and Spicy Entertainment provide you with some of their exquisite waitresses or a jaw-dropping XXX show to entertain the boys and make it a fun and memorable night.

Head to www.sweetandspicy.com.au for a hassle-free booking.

2. Hire a party bus

Celebrate in exciting style with a fully decked-out party bus.

You and the boys should get door-to-door service with a choice of which venues you want to visit of the night.

There is usually a bar onboard (no glass) or a BYO option, but don’t get too drunk or you won’t be allowed into the bars and clubs you and the group want to visit. Keep it classy.

There may be an option for passengers to play their own music in the bus to really get the party started. Don’t forget to book some Sweet and Spicy topless waitresses and a showgirl to make it a joy ride to remember!

3. A poker night with a

sexy topless poker dealer

Topless poker dealer
Tell the guys to bring their best bluffs and poker faces for a wild poker night they won’t be forgetting any time soon. The card sharks in your group will be happy.

It’s as easy as asking the buck’s party group who has the most suited house to host the event.

Grab some fine Cuban cigars, the best scotch you can find and to really surprise the groom, let Sweet and Spicy Entertainment provide you with some sexy topless babes to deal the cards and serve you and your guests food and drinks.

4. A ski tip

bucks party ski trip
It’s fun, it’s action packed and if you and your bucks party guests budget’s allow for it – a weekend ski trip is one of the most unique and invigorating bucks party ideas of all time.

Picture this..  you, the groom to be and your mates having the most ultimate fun carving up some powder at the snow on a clear crisp day. Oh and there’s cold brews and babes waiting at the end of the run just to top it all off.


Don’t forget the local bars, fires, and the adult entertainment you could most probably arrange for one of the party nights for some ice melting fun.

Be sure to select a snow resort which offers snowboarding and ski lessons for those in the party who are less experienced on the slopes.

Check in with the group to discuss everyone’s budget to select the most suited weekend ski resort packages..

5. Hit the shooting range

Shooting range bucks party
Get everyone in the party all fired-up by taking hosting to a shooting range for some wholesome bucks party fun.

It’s a great way to connect as a group, improve shooting skill, aim, concentration and is always good fun.

Usually, no gun licences are required and the boys can practice with different firearms or maybe even with a couple of new models.

Be sure to organise drinks at a private party afterwards with some fine sweet and Spicy ladies to turn up the heat and make it an unforgettable event.

6. Skirmish

Skirmish bucks party
It’s time to consider bucks party ideas such as some paintball fun if the brides in-laws will be attending the bucks party and you want to keep it tame, but exhilarating.

Most Skirmish companies are well experienced at looking after buck’s parties and will suggest hosting the event on a Saturday afternoon.

Pure exciting, competitive fun, a paintball day is sure to be a hit with the groom-to-be and the guests.


Forget fitness levels – old or young – everyone will have a killer time. The young guns can attack and the older guys of the group can set up the defence. It’ a great team building activity and you and your party guest are sure to feel more connected after the games.

Most Skirmish companies are BYO beverages and some even have BBQ facilities.

7. Deep Sea Fishing

deep sea fishing charter bucks party
Embark on an adventurous voyage with the boys and hire a deep-sea fishing charter for a non-traditional way to celebrate a buck’s party.

Charters usually include a day trip from one of a few different locations off the coastline. It will usually include tackle, baits and rods and between three to five hours of fishing time.


Check with the Charter company regarding which fish will be caught and whether the charter crew will gut and clean any of the fish caught so as you and the party can cook them up on the BBQ with a few beers when you get back on land.

To spice up the trip book some Sweet and Spicy topless waitresses to serve you and your guests cold ones while you fish.

Check out the girls available to book here:


8. Go Karting

go karting bucks party
Get suited up for a race-day to remember. This timeless classic and wholesome activity is sure to get the groom-to-be and his party all revved up.

With the perfect amount of competitiveness and bonding action and a chance for the group to flex their racing talents and need for speed, a day out on the Go Kart track is the perfect way to celebrate a buck’s party.

Suiting all group sizes and budgets, the karts are usually evenly matched, with automatic timing. The fastest in your crew wins the race, but remember it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s all about having fun.

9. A bush survival course or retreat

Bucks party ideas
Step outside-the-box with this ultimate male-bonding experience. Take the bucks party crew out to reconnect with nature and learn some vital skills with a bush survival course.

Brace the elements, get back to basics and to your primal state with your mates and learn some bush craft.


See what weekend courses are available in your area- perhaps go with a basic beginner course to cover all bases within the group.

The courses usually include an adventure-style base camp where guests can learn how to build fires, make shelter, recognise bush-tucker, cook a bush feast and other practical self-sustaining skills in the great outdoors with highly trained and qualified facilitators.

10. A day at the golf driving range

bucks party ideas
Gather the gang and hit the range for a wholesome, less extreme yet still a fun and memorable bucks party day. Polish your swings and stokes while sinking some cold ones with the lads.

Hire a hot bikini or lingerie girl to serve the lads drinks and bend over to put the tees in the ground for you.

To book stunning girls for the golf day visit www.sweetandspicy.com.au.

Written By Fran Witsenhuysen

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